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Rechner Sensors
World of Capacitive Sensors

Rechner Sensors is a specialist in capacitive sensing technology for automation, level control, and quality control applications.

Check our our Featured Products:

NL Capacitive Sensors

Rechner quality capacitive sensors for easy to detect materials while also giving you the capability to boast that your capacitive sensors were made in North America. Learn more about the NL-Series by visiting the following link: 2-page flyer.

26-Series Capacitive Sensors

The new 26-Series sensors are an ideal replacement for vibrating-rod/tuning fork/paddle wheel type sensors. With no moving parts, the risk of mechanical failure is removed. Learn more about the 26-Series by visiting the following links: 2-page flyer, White paper.

LevelMaster Capacitive Sensors

The LevelMaster-Series picks up where the standard 26-Series sensors leave off. The LevelMaster is able to accurately detect the level of highly conductive viscous materials like ketchup, fish batters, and other salt based materials. Learn more about the LevelMaster-Series by visiting the following link: 2-page flyer.

iLevel Capacitive Sensors

The iLevel-Series probes are a new member of the KF-series dubbed the KFi. By using new advancements in integrated circuit deisgns, the iLevel sensor is able to integrate the electronic components that are usually contained in the KFA amplifier units into the body of the probe. This greatly reduces the footprint of the KF system as well as the cost. Learn more about the iLevel-Series by visiting the following link: 1 page flyer.



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